Our Strategic Partner

The Milbank Memorial Fund (Fund), a health policy foundation, has been the Center’s strategic partner for over a decade. Together we are committed to working to achieve goals related to improving the health of populations through the use of evidence in policy decisions.

The Fund is an endowed operating foundation whose mission is to improve the health of populations by connecting leaders and decisionmakers with the best available evidence and experience. Founded in 1905, the Fund engages in nonpartisan analysis, collaboration,and communications on significant issues in health policy. It does this by publishing high-quality,evidence-based reports, books,and The Milbank Quarterly, a peer-reviewed journal of population health and health policy; convening state health policy decision makers on issues they identify as important to population health;and building communities of health policymakers to enhance their effectiveness.

In 2016 the Center and the Fund collaborated by offering several Evidence-informed Health Policy Workshops for state leaders. The Center provided assistance to the Fund’s Reforming States Group, a bipartisan group of leaders from the executive and legislative branches, and to its Multi-State Collaborative, a group of leaders who are representatives of state-based multi-payer primary care transformation initiatives. The Fund also supported the Center’s SMART-D project by providing guidance and promotion. More information about the Fund is available at milbank.org.