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Evidence alone is never sufficient to resolve our public policy challenges. That’s why our work extends far beyond the confines of academia and deep into the real-world implementation choices facing leaders and decision-makers. Our solutions have spanned the country, and we’re proud to share several success stories.


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Since 2012 the Center has helped facilitate the Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative (MPC)—a self-governed collaborative of public and private payers committed to increasing quality and efficiency to improve health outcomes for all Coloradans. The MPC includes almost every payer operating in Colorado, including CMS, and is currently focused on supporting the SIM and CPC+ initiatives, as well as a statewide data aggregation tool.

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Since 2014 the Center has worked with Texas’ Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to improve processes that enable evidence-based decision-making and improve health outcomes for Texas’ most vulnerable populations. The Center helped HHSC design and implement a transparent and rigorous processes for making medical and dental coverage decisions that are responsive to stakeholder needs.

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