Evidence Workshops

What is an Evidence Workshop?

Evidence-informed Health Policy (EiHP) Workshops help state officials understand the basics of using evidence as a foundation for health policy. Since 2009, the Center for Evidence-based Policy (Center) at Oregon Health & Science University has led these tailored trainings to assist elected and appointed state officials and their staff with how to find, evaluate, and use research to inform health policy decisions. Each training is customized to the issues and policy challenges relevant to your state audience.

How does it work?

We work with state policymakers and program staff to identify pressing policy issues and create a training in areas important to those they serve. Previous trainings have:

  • Involved case studies based on real-world issues
  • Used current topics to apply workshop concepts
  • Provided tools for states to use in their own work
  • Included examples of applying evidence to policy development

Workshop content can focus on issues specific to legislators, Medicaid and other health officials, program staff, or community partners. Depending on the participants and the needs of the state, these tailored workshops can last from two hours to two days.

There is no cost for states participating in the Center’s flagship collaboratives, DERP (Drug Effectiveness Review Project) and MED (Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project). There is a nominal fee for non-participating states.

How will it benefit my state?

Evidence-informed Health Policy Workshops provide state officials with the theoretical  knowledge and practical skills to:

  • Understand how evidence plays a role in policy making
  • Identify the characteristics of reliable evidence sources
  • Distinguish between good and poor quality evidence
  • Use evidence to estimate the level of certainty that a program/policy will result in a desired outcome
  • Discuss options for policymakers when there is a lack
    of evidence
  • Understand how stakeholders view evidence
  • Frame policy questions in a way that will facilitate the identification and application of evidence

Who does the training?

Center faculty from diverse professional backgrounds share their knowledge of clinical and health services research, research expertise, and experience from the highest levels of state government, including policy and operations. This allows the content and delivery of workshops to be designed to resonate with a range of audiences. Continuing education credit may be available for some workshops.

How do I get more information?

For more information please contact:
Debbie Dion, dion@ohsu.edu or 503-494-3848

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