The Science of Good Policy

The Center for Evidence-based Policy provides objective, rigorously analyzed information to help state, federal and local policymakers shape better decisions.

People around a table in an office with a woman leading the discussion; Doctor in mask looks at tablet while a patient in mask looks on; A hand rests on the touchpad of a laptop computer.

Enabling Change That Improves the Lives of Millions

The Center’s collaborative approach helps maximize resources and produce better health outcomes for the most disadvantaged and vulnerable populations in the states we serve. We work with policymakers to facilitate complex decision making that directly impacts:

  • Health care
  • Behavioral health
  • Child well-being
  • Education
  • Corrections

“The Center staff provide a level of expertise simply not available anywhere else. Having access to the Center’s resources results in work that is highly personalized for our needs.”

Michelle Miller
Chief Nursing Officer/Deputy Director, Office of Cost Control & Quality
Improvement, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment

“The Center finds the ‘sweet spot’ by producing high quality work that is timely while remaining methodologically rigorous for our needs.”

Ellie Garret
JD Health Services Policy Analyst,
Minnesota Department of Human Services

“The collaborative is efficient, excellently run, and provides a much-needed service.”

Herman Kranc
Manager of Integrated Care,
Connecticut Department of Social Services

A Neutral, Nonpartisan Approach

The Center brings critical objectivity to our work, backed by a transparent and open process. We support partners as they address the depth, scope and complexity of modern policymaking by providing:

Real-world, Evidence-based Policies Focused Squarely on Outcomes and Effectiveness

That’s what the Center helps policymakers create every day.