Support for Evidence Dissemination

Helping policymakers understand and benefit from evidence

CEbP products and reports.

Gathering quality evidence is the first step in developing sound policy. Then, the evidence must be interpreted, contextualized, and applied to the challenges at hand.  

Working closely with our partners, the Center’s goal is to make evidence more interpretable and actionable for decision makers. We use a variety of accessible materials and tools to increase understanding and reach, including:

  • Training and workshops
  • Data visualizations
  • Dashboards
  • Rating systems

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See how we make evidence more understandable and usable:

“You did an awesome job with the situation we are all facing in our world currently. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to attend.”

Tola Falana
Workshop Participant, Texas Medicaid

How else can we help?

Evidence dissemination and support works hand-in-hand with the Center’s additional core services to address your unique challenges: