A national leader in evidence-based decision making and policy design

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Since 2003, the Center for Evidence-based Policy has worked with state, federal, and local policymakers across the United States to use high-quality evidence for:

  • Guiding decisions,
  • Achieving more with resources available, and ultimately
  • Improving the health of their constituents.

Our collaborative, nonpartisan approach helps create the context for responsible, effective policy development. We synthesize critical information and data, along with best experience, to give our partners the clarity they need to make complex decisions prudently and confidently.

Experience With Broad Impact

Whenever and wherever there is a need to support policy development with evidence and objective analysis, the Center is ready to help. Through our state collaboratives —  the Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) and the Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project (MED) — we’ve earned the trust and confidence of policymakers and thought leaders across the political spectrum. We also offer Technical Assistance to support states with their individual project.

Our unique brand of evidence analysis, consultation, stakeholder engagement, and policy development has facilitated success for a wide range of projects and organizations, including:

Deep Policy and Research Expertise

Housed at Oregon Health & Science University, the Center offers exceptionally relevant, rigorously analyzed information to address today’s biggest policy challenges.

Our team brings together more than 45 clinical epidemiologists, researchers, policy analysts and others. We work closely with our partners and collaborators to deliver timely, insightful information people can trust. We serve policymakers in more than half the nation’s states, lending objective analysis and a neutral approach to the important work they do.

Let’s get to work.

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