Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative

From 2012 through 2021, the Center facilitated and supported the work of the Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative to advance primary care transformation.  The Collaborative brought together health care payers in response to the original federal Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, and continued its commitment to transformation through its participation in CPC+ and Colorado’s State Innovation Model (SIM) project.  Unique in its approach, the Collaborative was a voluntary, self-supporting and independent association of public and private payers that shared the triple aims of health care reform – better care, better health and lower costs.  

This issue brief – Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative: Lessons Learned for Primary Care Improvement – summarizes the organization and work of the Collaborative, and captures the most salient lessons learned during its 10-year existence.  The brief relies on observations from Collaborative members, associated health care partners, and participating primary care practices and providers.  The brief adds to a growing body of research and reporting on the special challenges and opportunities of bringing public and private payers together to increase the quality, efficiency and reach of health care.