Role of Clinicians in Medicaid Agencies: Policy Brief

The 2023 Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project (MED) policy brief, Role of Clinicians Within Medicaid Agencies, uses interviews with clinical staff from 6 state Medicaid agencies and other experts in Medicaid operations to provide insight into how states use their clinical staff. The brief examines different clinical leadership roles and disciplines, the range of responsibilities and strategic portfolios held by clinical staff, and how clinical expertise can drive value for the agency. It also includes considerations for how states might optimize, extend, and grow clinical capacity and leadership in their own programs.

This brief is based on a full MED report. MED is a collaboration of state Medicaid agencies giving state policymakers the resources they need to make the best evidence-based decisions for improving health outcomes. If you are with a state Medicaid agency and you are interested in a copy of the full report, please contact