The Center hosts informational webinar on Living Systematic Reviews and Cochrane Crowd

Through a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Cochrane and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) are working together to build, pilot and scale a new way of creating timely evidence that includes machine learning, crowd engagement and ‘living’ systematic reviews in the area of Child Health. An informational webinar was held on October 3, 2017 and featured presentations from researches in the US, Australia and the UK. The project has three components that together will bring about a significant contribution to advancing innovation in evidence production. These are:

  • Building an active online citizen science community who will build skills and contribute to a wide range of ‘micro-tasks’ required to generate systematic reviews through the Cochrane Crowd platform
  • Developing, implementing, and validating natural language processing and machine learning systems that semi-automate the extraction of tabular data from research publications
  • Utilizing the above systems to deliver two Living Systematic Reviews

View the webinar here:


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