Creating vision, principles, and strategy for reform

Female health care professional talking to a senior woman during home visit.

In Spring 2020, the Center undertook a collaborative process with Pennsylvania agency staff and the state’s actuary to develop health reform recommendations and a savings analysis. Working with a design team comprised of senior agency staff from the Department of Human Services, Department of Insurance, and the Governor’s office, the Center helped the state create the vision and principles for reform and then craft strategies and recommendations to implement these reforms. The recommendations span Pennsylvania’s health system in an effort to achieve cost savings while transitioning to a regionally driven, whole-person care model that can address gaps in care coordination, affordability, accessibility, and health equity.

On October 2, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf issued an executive order and held a press conference to announce the state’s health care reform proposal, including three key recommendations resulting from the Center’s work: creation of a state Interagency Health Reform Council, development of Regional Accountable Health Councils to drive local change, and establishment of a Health Value Commission to measure the ongoing cost of care and health outcomes in the Commonwealth. The Center continues to work with Pennsylvania to provide technical assistance as the state implements these important health care reforms.

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