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Asian female doctor speaks with a patient, both wearing protective masks.

Addressing COVID-19 Health Disparities: Opportunities for Medicaid Programs Issue Brief

A new issue brief presents research about how Medicaid programs are addressing health disparities highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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African American medical worker takes an elderly woman's blood pressure.

Milbank Memorial Fund Primer

A recent Milbank Memorial Fund primer outlines strategies for state Medicaid agencies to encourage home and community-based care based on a related policy report for the Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project.

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Center’s Work Integral to NY Medicaid’s Coverage of the Diabetes Prevention Program

The Center’s work with the New York Evidence Based Benefit Review Advisory Committee was recently featured as a core element in New York Medicaid’s coverage development process for the National Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP).

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Elderly person taking their blood pressure while speaking with a doctor on a laptop.

Center’s Technical Assistance Work With Louisiana Medicaid Featured in Health Affairs Blog

A recent Health Affairs Blog post discussed the importance of state Medicaid agencies using transparent and evidence-based benefit coverage determination processes in the context of reimbursement for digital therapeutics.

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Six young kids running in the grass toward the camera.

OCID announced on OHSU News Site

The OHSU News site announced the launch of the Oregon Child Integrated Dataset, with commentary from Oregon Governor Kate Brown, Center director Pam Curtis, and more.

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Oregon Governor Kate Brown announces OCID official launch

Governor Kate Brown launched the Oregon Child Integrated Dataset (OCID) Project, a vital online resource to provide policymakers with a more complete picture of how state programs interact with Oregon children and families over time.

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African American woman talking into a computer camera.

Telebehavioral Health: An Effective Alternative to In-Person Care

A new Milbank Memorial Fund issue brief provides summary findings from a 2019 review of studies of telebehavioral health’s effectiveness on key clinical outcomes.

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Oregon Child Integrated Dataset (OCID)

The Oregon Child Integrated Dataset (OCID) is a new resource for the state’s policymakers and community leaders to improve outcomes for Oregon’s children and families.

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Electronic Consultations (eConsults)

Electronic consultations (eConsults) connect clinicians over a secure platform to share patient information.

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