The Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative

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The Colorado Multi-Payer Collaborative (MPC) is a self-funded collaborative of payer organizations focused on transforming primary care and reforming payment in Colorado, organized in 2012 with the  guidance, facilitation, and support of the Center. Originally established in response to requirements of the federal Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC) initiative, the MPC brought together traditionally competing private and public health care organizations to share resources, coordinate quality efforts, and align payment approaches to achieve increased quality, improved outcomes, and controlled costs in the Colorado health care market.

The MPC supported more than 250 practices and nearly 2,100 individual providers through various initiatives, and produced significant achievements, including the  development of a framework and milestones for Integrated Whole Person Care, adapted from The 10 Building Blocks of High-Performing Primary Care (Bodenheimer T, Willard-Grace R, Ghorob A, Grumbach K., Annals of Family Medicine. 2014;12(2):166–171).

With assistance from the Center, the MPC has become an effective forum for payers to share information, ideas, and strategies for transforming the delivery of accessible, affordable, and high-quality health care.  With a focus on practical application, the MPC works with state and federal partners, health care systems, and individual practices to advance health care transformation initiatives throughout Colorado.  Mindful of their pledge to avoid antitrust obligations, members rely on the Center to frame, shape, guide, and facilitate their research, deliberations, and engagements with the highest levels of integrity.  The Center serves as a trusted operational partner to MPC, and an effective advocate for the contributions the MPC can make to inform evidence-based public and private policymaking and program development.

A Framework for Integration of Whole-Person Care

Lessons Learned for Primary Care Improvement

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