Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project

African American female doctor looks at medical report with male nurse in a hospital.

The Medicaid Evidence-based Decisions Project (MED) is a collaboration of state Medicaid agencies giving state policymakers the resources they need to make the best evidence-based decisions for improving health outcomes. MED reports and other tools provide valuable evidence about effective treatments and information about harmful or unnecessary services. MED participants meet regularly to discuss shared issues and have access to a wide-ranging collection of policy tools and evidence resources. Contact us to participate or learn more.

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Evidence and Policy Reports

MED reports use robust research strategies to appropriately cover clinical, policy, and financial issues. While most reports are proprietary and available to members only through the MED Clearinghouse, the Center occasionally makes reports public.

Collaboration and Dissemination of Best Practices

MED members meet regularly to review report findings and discuss implementation issues.  Members also collaborate through workgroups that address focused areas such as:

  • Behavioral health
  • Durable medical equipment
  • E-health
  • Genetic testing
  • Maternal, perinatal, and reproductive health

MED membership includes a Participant Request Service, where participants can receive a rapid response to state-specific needs or emerging issues.

Influence-Free Governance

MED is a self-governed national forum available to state Medicaid agencies and their partners. MED uses a collaborative governance  model and provides objective research that brings  evidence and experience to Medicaid  policy decisions. Independent, objective reports deliver research conducted by investigators who have no financial or other conflicts of interest in the issues they study.

“MED gives us support on sticky issues even when there is not a clear path or evidence is evolving.”

MED Member, State of Colorado