Washington Health Technology Assessment

Female dentist with glasses smiles as she works in patient's mouth.

The Washington Health Technology Assessment (HTA) program has been guiding coverage decisions in the state since 2007. Unique in the United States, it is the only state HTA program whose decisions are binding across a broad array of public health care payers. Over the program’s duration, prudent coverage decisions have helped to lower state spending on ineffective and harmful treatments and tests.

The Center produces detailed evidence reports on the efficacy, effectiveness, safety, and cost-effectiveness of treatments and tests, which are used by the independent Health Technology Clinical Committee (HTCC) to determine coverage policies within the state. The Center has worked with the Washington HTA program and other evidence contractors to help the HTCC and staff develop HTA methods and processes. The Center has also used experience in Washington to advise other states who are exploring establishing similar public HTA programs.